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Close up the moment a spider comes out from the ear of the man

Close up the moment a spider comes out from the ear of the man

For many people, spiders are really scary and haunting. However, a man may have experienced this sensation when it spotted in his the ear.

How can we realize an insect enters our body? The common symptom is sudden pain in the ear (previously there was no ear related illness). There may be intense pain alternating with the latent period. The cause is an insect sting or prickly throats pierced ears.

When insects crawl in the ear canal, we have only a feeling of irritation and itching. But when the insect enters the ear canal or eardrum, it is very painful. The pain depends on each person, someone can faint, some people just feel uncomfortable.

This man in the clip maybe experienced a scary moment when realizing a spider in his ears. At first, he feels something uncomfortable in his ears and tries to clean his ear. Surprisingly, a spider appears makes him panic.

However, he is not the only one who suffers this insect. Spider living in the ear within a week old headphones is the case of Katie Melua.

For a few days in a row, she always had a feeling of tingling in her ear. Aside from the noise, she was not hurt any more. However, she decided to go to the doctor to check.

When the test ended, Katie was told that there was a small “guest” in the ear. This caused her to feel uncomfortable in her ear for several days.

Katie says that the spider may have hid in the old headphones that she used to avoid noise in a previous flight. From there, the spider can penetrate into her ear.

The man recorded the scene a spider coming out from his ear. 


It may live in his ear in one week.

He may experienced a terrible moment. 

Therefore, be sure that everything in house is clean to avoid insect come into your ears!


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