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Intoxicated man attacks female volunteer

A violent incident occurred in Pattaya on Saturday night when an intoxicated Thai man in his fifties assaulted a rescue volunteer. Reports initially suggested a shooting had taken place, prompting the response of rescue volunteers near a 7-Eleven convenience store close to the railway.

Upon arriving at the scene, the rescuers discovered a heavily drunk man with blood-soaked hair, leading them to believe he was a gunshot victim. However, upon closer examination, it was determined that the man had been brutally struck with a hard object.

As the rescuers attempted to provide aid, the situation took a chaotic turn. The intoxicated man suddenly became aggressive and punched one of the volunteers. The commotion attracted the attention of onlookers, revealing a complex dispute involving a Thai woman.

According to reports from Pattaya News, the woman had rented a room to the intoxicated man and had helped him find employment. However, trouble arose when she declined his invitation for a drink, explaining that she needed to care for her elderly mother. In response, the man became verbally and physically abusive, asserting an unwarranted claim over her.

The woman defended herself by striking the intoxicated man on the head with a stick, demanding that he leave. Despite her attempts to fend him off, he persisted, leading concerned bystanders to call for assistance. Pattaya police promptly arrived at the scene and gathered statements from all parties involved.

The woman clarified that her initial intention was to assist the man by providing shelter and support. However, faced with escalating aggression, she resorted to force to protect herself. Pattaya police are currently investigating the incident further to uncover the full complexities of this late-night altercation.


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