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Pervert is caught on CCTV having SEX with shop’s metal shutters


A pervert was caught on CCTV having sex with a shop’s metal shutters in a bizarre encounter in Thailand. 

The motorcyclist pulled over next to the shop in the early hours of yesterday morning before using a hole in the iron grate to perform the unusual sex act.

He then disappeared on his bike when a woman inside the building became suspicious of the resulting noises.

Police in Chonburi, eastern Thailand, are now examining the bizarre footage in an effort to catch the pervert.

Resident Sineha Panjatha, 40, said she was cooking breakfast for her family in the kitchen and heard the motorcycle when she went to the building’s front porch.

She said she saw the man wearing a helmet while appearing to have sex with her iron gate.

She said: ‘I heard him ride around several times and wanted to know what was happening.

I came out of the kitchen to the front porch to ask him, but then I saw his penis. I was shocked so I shouted at him and it scared him away.’

Sineha added that she wanted the police to catch him to prevent it from happening again to other properties.

She said: ‘I gave my CCTV footage to the police. Hopefully, they can catch the guy because I feel insecure about having this pervert around my neighbourhood.’

The baffled woman said she could not understand why the man appeared sexually attracted to the metal gate.

The full CCTV footage which she has handed to police shows the pervert riding around the building with his private parts exposed.

He was spotted parked in front of the house, before returning six minutes later to perform the sex act on the gate.

He rode his motorcycle away after Sineha saw him and shouted at him.

Police received the CCTV and have started trying to identify the pervert.

A spokesman said today: ‘The motorcycle registration number is not clearly visible in the surveillance footage from the home but we are checking cameras on streets nearby to identify a suspect.’

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