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Pattaya Massage – Happy or Not

There is quite frankly, no shortage of massage parlors in and around Pattaya. They all have a bunch of girls, sometimes ladyboys, waiting outside to greet and entice you into their place of work. They all offer similar services, including Thai massage, foot massage, oil massage etc. But is that where the similarities end?

What are we all looking for when entering a massage shop? That is guess depends on the individual, or can the advances of a pretty massage girl change a customer’s mind once inside.

What goes on behind the curtains between customer and employee is their business, unless you want to tell all your mates afterwards. But do all massage parlors offer special services, I believe not. So if you are looking for a strong Thai massage after a hard days work, or session in the gym, and don’t want to worry about being hassled for more, there are places to go. The problem, it seems is that they are few and far between, and finding them isn’t easy.

We should also take into consideration the fact that, most of us, but not all, would prefer a good looking, younger lady, as opposed to and older, less attractive lady, even if it is for a “normal” massage.

So with so many massage shops around, do we have a preferred place to visit, or will anywhere do?

Let me know what you think, as always, all suggestions are much appreciated.

See you all soon

Danny Boy

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