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Pattaya “happy zones” set to be put into action by next week

Pattaya “happy zones” are set to be put into action next week

The head of the provincial police made a flying visit to Pattaya yesterday to say that the resort “will be a great place to be for the whole world to enjoy”.

This comes as authorities are setting up the “Happy Zone” scheme in Walking Street.

Chonburi chief Somprasong Yenthuam said that a party launching the new “happy” era for the resort would be held on Saturday March 25th.

And the chief told reporters yesterday they can expect an end to attacks on tourists in Walking Street, and no more swindling or
padding of bills.

He was speaking after he chaired a meeting with local police chief Apichai Kroppetch and the representatives of 100 operators in the Walking Street area at Tankay Seafood Restaurant, South Pattaya.

Explaining the “Happy Zone” project he asked for the cooperation of operators in the area to put CCTV outside their properties so that they could be “the electronic eyes” that could help with any necessary evidence gathering.

He asked the operators to ensure that none of their staff attack tourists for any reason and that there is no swindling of visitors
such as padding of bills.

Following the meeting he went on a tour of inspection down the street and spoke to tourists ensuring them of their safety.

Then he met with reporters and said according to Siam Chon news:

“The Happy Zone project will turn Walking Street into a place of happiness for tourists. We have asked the operators to ensure there are no under 20s, no weapons and most importantly no trouble for tourists.

“That means no physical attack or swindling of visitors at all”.

The chief said that local police, soldiers and district officials were all onboard with the project.

He himself was under orders from on high to make the project a success.

He said the “Happy Zone” opening ceremony would be held on March 25th adding:

“This will ensure that Pattaya will be a great place to be for the whole world to enjoy”, said chief Somprasong.

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