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Sickening violence as security guard kicked in face

Sickening violence as security guard kicked in face

CCTV shows a security guard at a Nonthaburi housing estate being repeatedly kicked in the head by a group of three men.

The guard – Jetsada, 39 – had told one of the men to stop revving an engine in a car and annoying residents Sanook reported.

The man revving his car engine called Wisanu or Tor, 28, went into the Ua-athorn housing estate in the Ratanathibet area to fetch two mates before the attack started.

Later two men were arrested – they were Nathawut or Pok and Saran or Pond, both 20. The man doing most of the kicking is still at large, it is believed.

After the attack a chair is thrown at the stricken guard while the assailants walk off.

The guard is recovering in hospital after the attack that took place on Saturday evening.

The two arrested men have been charged with causing grievous bodily harm. The ringleader is being hunted by Ratanathibet police.

Source: Sanook

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