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Foreign Woman Tourist Creates Disturbance at Rawai Hotel

Foreign Woman Tourist Creates Disturbance at Rawai Hotel in Phuket

Following disruptive behavior and disturbances caused by a foreign tourist, a hotel in Rawai, Phuket, was compelled to evict the individual.

The tourist, identified as a 30-year-old Ukrainian-born woman holding Portuguese nationality named Nadiya, had a track record of creating issues during her stay. Most recently, she had an altercation with a cab driver, brandishing a knife and refusing to pay the fare, resulting in her arrest due to charges pressed by the driver.

Upon her release from court, Nadiya returned to the Rawai hotel with her personal belongings and a small dog. She proceeded to occupy a sofa in the lobby, using it for sleeping, eating, and even smoking marijuana.

Witnesses observed Nadiya declining to settle her cab fare to the hotel and witnessed her entering other guests’ rooms and balconies. This conduct led to dissatisfaction among guests, prompting some to cancel their reservations. The hotel owner shared a plea for assistance on social media, expressing frustration despite contacting local authorities without a resolution.

On April 7, the hotel staff issued an ultimatum to Nadiya to vacate the premises. Following this, Nadiya departed the hotel after arranging with a male companion for the retrieval of her belongings which the hotel had gathered. Before leaving, she provided the staff with a phone number purportedly belonging to her brother, remarking, “If I’m not here tomorrow, contact my brother.” Uncertain about Nadiya’s future actions, the staff sought police intervention to address the situation effectively.

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