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Overstay in Thailand – Help & Advice

Help and Advice for Overstay problems in Thailand

To be able to stay in Thailand for prolonged periods of time, a valid visa is an absolute necessity, as we are all too aware. Unfortunately for some individuals, getting the right visa is not always as straight forward as it sounds. Personal issues or financial problems are 2 of the most common reasons some people get into trouble.

At the beginning of last year, Thai authorities started enforcing the new rules in which foreigners caught overstaying their visa would be banned from re-entering Thailand for a set period of time, ranging from 1 year, up to 10 years, or could face jail terms, depending on how long the overstay period lasted.

We get many enquiries regarding overstay almost every day, but until now we have not been in a position to help or give the right advice on the problem, until now.

We are pleased to announce that we are now in a position to be able to offer support and assistance to anyone who may need some help regarding an overstay problem.

Whether you are currently on a 1 year overstay, a 10 year overstay, or you have a friend that has any issues, please feel free to contact us today in absolute confidentiality at [email protected]

We are fully aware that there are many reasons why someone may find themselves in difficult circumstances regarding their visa, but we will not be jumping to any conclusions and will do our best to help you out, whatever your situation.

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