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Deemed as the most important motorcycle racing event, MotoGP™ divides into 3 different classes; MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3.
Currently, MotoGP™ is recognized as the Formula 1 of motorcycle racing, in the past MotoGP™ was known as just GP, racing with 2 stroke specified bikes consisting of three different classes; 125 cc., 250 cc., and 500 cc., and was later changed at the beginning of 2002.
With this new era of GP, comes new regulations which allows 4 stroke engine, and increased engine capacity to 990 cc. to compete, due to a decrease in popularity of 2 strokes specified engine. By the turn of 2003, it is mandatory that all competitors must ride with a 4 stroke, 990 cc. engine and subsequently changed the name of the event from GP to what is now currently known, “MotoGP™”
In 2007, regulations has again been amended, reducing engine capacity from 900 cc. to 800 cc. 2010, the 250cc. class was replaced by 600 cc. 4 stroke, 4 cylinders engine class, all engine was exclusively supplied by Honda for equality, and was renamed to Moto2. Then, in 2012 engine displacement was increased to 1000cc., 4 cylinders.
MotoGP™ the number 1 motorcycle circuit racing event, has over 800 million fans worldwide and is broadcasted to 200 different countries around the globe, also with over 1 million Thai fans.
Consisting of 90, of the most talented riders in the world including; Mark Marquez, Valentino Rossi, and Jorge Lorenzo. Also this year Thailand’s rider “นครินทร์ อธิรัฐภูวภัทร์” will be competing in Moto3 World Championship, under “Honda Team Asia” along with wild card riders from Thailand’s as the host of this year event

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