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17 Year old Thai could face Murder charge after Abortion

A 17 year old girl took abortion pills at 8 months and could face murder charges

A 17 year old girl in Bangkok may face a murder charge for abortion at the 8 month stage of her pregnancy.

According to Kannayao police, the minor, whose name was withheld, admitted to aborting her pregnancy by taking “abortion pills” she bought from the internet and dumped the baby’s body in a trash can outside of a Ramintra village on Feb. 19.

Police said she was stressed and afraid the baby would not have the support it needed as the baby’s father, Rachanon Pimsupaporn, 20, was recently sent to jail for possessing 11 grams of methamphetamine.

Police said the girl would be charged for abortion, but if forensic evidence showed that the baby was alive before she dumped it in the trash, she will face charges of premeditated murder and concealing the body.

Abortion carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison and a fine of THB6,000.

Her father-in-law Thapanapong Pimsupaporn, 48, was the person who filed the police report after he found out the girl aborted the pregnancy herself.

“After she committed the crime, she went back to bed. Later that day, she started bleeding and had to be sent to hospital by her friends. First, they understood it was a miscarriage, but the hospital said there was no baby,”

Thanapong went on the internet to post CCTV footage of the teen girl dumping a large bag which contained the baby into the trash.

He condemned her for what she did and said that karma would serve her for aborting her own pregnancy and encouraged people to share the video.

“She didn’t tell me why, but her friends said that she didn’t want to have the baby because she was afraid no one would help her raise it. I don’t understand why she thought that way when I have been sending her money,” Thanapong said.

Source: Bangkok Coconuts

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