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Mystery creature seem swimming in river in Singapore

This mystery creature baffled onlookers when it was spotted swimming through a river in Singapore.

The bizarre animal appeared to have a fin, tail and large mouth with whiskers when it was seen in the Geylang River last Thursday.

It glided slowly along the surface next to a concrete wall before disappearing out of view.

The creature – which appeared to be either a fish or reptile – baffled locals who are used to seeing strange wildlife but were unable to pin down what it was.

Ridhuan Abdullah said: ”Looks like a lizard, swims like a lizard, long wiry tail like a lizard, it must be a [lizard].’’

Others suggested the animal was a monitor lizard carrying a fish in its mouth.

While Bryan Briton Perez said: ‘’It’s a Sailfin Armoured Catfish or commonly known as Janitor Fish maybe.’’

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