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Mystery after Putin’s ‘love-child’ vanishes

A teenager believed to be Vladimir Putin’s secret lovechild has vanished – after posting gushing social media messages about her mum’s £3.1million Monte Carlo penthouse.

Luiza Krivonogikh’s mum and alleged Putin mistress Svetlana, 46, enraged the Russian strongman by posting pictures of their swanky French retreat.

Luiza Krivonogikh, believed to be Vladimir Putin’s secret lovechild, has vanished
Credit: East2West
Luiza posted gushing social media messages about her mum’s £3.1million Monte Carlo penthouse
Credit: East2West

And Luiza, 18, confirmed her links to the property – revealed in the “Pandora Papers” data leak – by gushing in online posts: “Beautiful! I know this place!”

Now Luiza – who regularly posted to her 83,200 followers on Instagram – has suddenly disappeared online.

And Kremlin watchers believe the high-living teenager has finally been gagged as her father battles claims he has siphoned billions from corruption.

October’s Pandora Papers leak of 1.9million sensitive documents revealed multimillionaire Svetlana moved into Monte Carlo penthouse just weeks after the birth of Luiza.

The revelation enraged Putin, who has ordered his country’s investigative journalists to stop prying into the “dirty linen” of the “elite”.

Followers yesterday voiced concern for the beautiful teenager – who bears a strong resemblance to Putin – as it was revealed her social media posts stopped two months ago.

One posted: “You completely abandoned Instagram for some reason …Please come back Luiza”

Another said: “What happened? Pa forbade the details of the luxury life to be published?”

Embarrassing snaps of her Svetlana’s palatial Monte Carlo pad included a prime sea view and a rainbow over the glitzy tax haven principality.

She owns the apartment through an offshore company incorporated in the Caribbean island of Tortola, according to leaked papers.

The former cleaner said to have bedded Putin as he rose to power has somehow amassed a business empire valued at £74million and a yacht seen under a naval escort in St Petersburg.

Neither Putin, Svetlana or Luiza have ever commented on the new offshore disclosures or the teenager’s alleged paternity.

Putin, 69, is believed to have dumped Svetlana when he was first romantically linked to Olympic gold medal winning gymnast Alina Kabaeva, 38.

Ex-MP Alina – who has also refused to confirm she is seeing the Russian president – is now head of a major pro-Kremlin media company.

Putin has two daughters by his ex-wife Lyudmila, both born when he was a KGB spy.

When quizzed about his relationships, Putin seethed: “I have a private life in which I do not permit interference. It must be respected.”

Vlad Nato warning

VLADIMIR Putin stoked tensions with the West yesterday by warning of military measures against Nato in the Ukraine crisis.

The sabre-rattling Russian President said Russia would “react roughly to unfriendly steps” and insisted “we have every right to do so”.

He said: “If our western counterparts continue a clearly aggressive line, we will undertake proportionate military-technical countermeasures.”

It came as drone footage showed hundreds of tanks on transporters heading for the Ukraine border.

Thousands of Russian troops are already there and yesterday Russia Today broadcast footage of new hypersonic missiles in Russia’s arsenal.

The TV station is fronted by Putin mouthpiece Dmitry Kiselyov who this week warned “everyone will be turned into radioactive ash” if they get in Russia’s way.

Putin yesterday called for long-term, legally binding guarantees from the West over Ukraine, a former Soviet republic.

He said Russia could not allow US and Nato missiles in Ukraine and so close to Moscow.

Russia has battled with Ukraine, which wants to join Nato, since it annexed the Crimean peninsula in 2014.

Some 14,000 have since died.

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