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Monk turned ladyboy defends BMW purchase

Former monk Phra Maha Phraiwan, well known by his stage name “Prairie,” traded in his orange robes for an orange outfit and purchased a BMW. Netizens who questioned Prairie about how she become so wealthy received a reaction from her.

After earning a degree in the incredibly tough “Ninth Level” of Pali studies, the highest level of study for Buddhist monks and nuns in Thailand, Phra Maha Phraiwan, a successful author, gained notoriety in 2021 for his well-received Buddhist sermons.

Few monastics actually succeed in passing the tests.

When Phra Maha Phraiwan chose to quit the monkhood in December 2021, his fans were astonished because up to 100,000 people tuned in to attend his live lectures.

Internet users recently questioned Prairie’s recent 3.6 million baht purchase of a BMW and asked where the money originated from.

Prairie shared the story of how he came to get the expensive car on her 2.3 million-follower Facebook page.

I go to work each day! selling everything from durians to chilli paste and sauce while doing four or five jobs a day.

Why can’t I purchase it?

“I paid cash for the BMW. Finances are boring to me.

My car serves as my second home; I commute to work every day in it and eat meals there.

For me, the car is everything.

Grow up and purchase what you want.

That’s how I live.

I already explained that I live for myself.

I need to support myself. even though I did once was a monk

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