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Massive 20ft-long python found sleeping in woman’s toilet

This is one of the biggest snake captures in Chonburi this year – a massive 20ft-long python that was sleeping in a toilet.

Chalida Thawephol, 37, spotted the snake’s tail in the bathroom at her milk shop in the Ban Suan district of the province on Wednesday evening.

The mother-of-two ran outside screaming and called rescuers. They arrived and dragged the enormous reptile into the road.

Neighbours gathered round to look at the giant snake, before putting a penny in a set of digital scales outside a 7/11 store to weigh it.

The animal was too big to fit on the device and was moved onto a set of rusty old scales where it read 29.7kg.

Chalida said her son first went into the bathroom and saw the snake and told her but she didn’t believe him – until she checked herself.

She said: ‘’My young son went in first and came out and told me. He wasn’t scared. He said there’s something not normal in there.

”I went in and ran out with my heart beating. It was so big. I’ve never seen a snake so big. It makes me shiver. I’m still in shock.”

Snake catcher Thammasatri Maneerat said the snake is likely to have slithered inside the building to keep warm while temperatures fall in Winter.

He said: ‘’The weather is very cold at this time. This may have caused the snake to escape the cold air and sleep in the toilet where there is warm water. It was approximately 30kg and around six metres long.

‘’If anybody finds any snake species they should notify the rescue immediately so they can be returned to nature. Don’t try to catch them yourself as it could be dangerous. Even skilled snake catchers are bitten several times.’’

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