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Man kills woman and child after she refuses sexual advances

Man kills woman and child after she refuses sexual advances

A Thai man in Southern Thailand has been arrested for the murder of a woman and child after she had refused the man’s sexual advances.

A man in Thailand’s deep south was thought to be making a kind gesture when he agreed to shelter a woman and her young daughter for the night after the woman told him they were fleeing domestic abuse. Instead, he made sexual advances at the woman and allegedly killed them both when she refused him.

It was a cruel ending to what sounds like a hard life for murder victims Bismi Sulong, 27, and daughter, Nasarin Mama, 5, in Narathiwat province. Their bodies were found by a local resident on Saturday under a bridge, reported Bangkok Post.

Hasan Jeha, 30, is the suspected killer and the man that sheltered them for only one night before they were found dead. He was arrested on Tuesday morning and remains in custody, where police say he has confessed to the murder and to dumping the bodies beneath the bridge.

Police also claim to have security footage of the man disposing of the bodies. At Hasan’s home, officers collected a bloodstained knife, a gas cooker he said that he beat Bismi with, and the belongings of both of the deceased.

Pol. Lt. Col. Jeffrey Salaimanakul, of the Rangae Police, explained that Hasan met Bismi and Nasarin by accident. They told him their sad story and he agreed to let them stay in his home for the night. At 1am Saturday, Hasan, who said he was on drugs, made sexual advances at Bismi. She refused him, and he went into a rage, stabbing her before beating her to death with his gas cooker.

Hasan Jeha re-enacts dumping the bodies at a bridge. Photos: MCOT

Five-year-old Nasarin reportedly woke up due to the noise, and he killed her as well. He claims that he put their bodies in his motorcycle’s sidecar and disposed of them under the bridge.

Police told the media that Hasan is a drug addict without a job and that Bismi was the former wife of Masupian Mama, who was wanted on charges related to the Muslim insurgency in the south. He was killed by police in 2013. It is not known who she was running from over the weekend.

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