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Loutish foreigner arrested for running amok in Pattaya restaurant

A foreign man in Pattaya was arrested in today’s early hours for causing a scene at an Isaan restaurant on Third Road. Police said the man was likely intoxicated.

At 3 AM on March 23rd, Pattaya Police took prompt action upon receiving a report of a disruptive foreign tourist causing a disturbance and damaging property at a restaurant situated along Pattaya Third Road.

When the officers arrived at the site, they found a shirtless, muscular foreign man around 35 to 40 years old running around in the restaurant shouting, reportedly looking confused and intoxicated.

A Thai eyewitness named “Mix,” 42, told The Pattaya News that the man suddenly came running out of nowhere from the street and tried to enter the restaurant’s kitchen. He had scared other customers and also damaged the place’s property, according to Mix.

He was not a customer and had not purchased anything and nobody at the restaurant recognized him, said the staff of the eatery to the police.

The man was screaming and yelling and ignored repeated requests to leave so the police were called.

The presence of police drove the man to scurry to the restaurant’s second floor to hide. However, the authorities eventually could subdue and handcuff him, with the help of many locals due to his strength.

The man was about 35-40 years old with unknown nationality and no identification or wallet. He was taken to the Pattaya Police Station to face charges.

Nobody was injured by the incident although the man continued to cause a scene at the police station by screaming and yelling and was described by police as uncooperative and in a state of rage.

Police planned to hold the man in a cell until he sobered up and they would be able to seek more information on his identity and consider legal charges. It was unknown if alcohol or drug tests would be conducted.

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