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Indian squatters rent out an abandoned building

A 30-year-old Thai man has complained to the Pattaya Police Station about an Indian national’s unauthorized use of a commercial building that belongs to him. The four-story building contained a dance club and rental rooms, which the man found after five years of not checking it out.

Police discovered a dance club counter and showrooms in front of the Pattaya building after conducting an inquiry. Rooms for daily and monthly rentals that generate income were created on the second to fourth floors. While some of the rooms were occupied, others were found to be damaged.

Residents were advised that the building’s caretaker was an Indian national who lived behind the building.

The Indian national denied knowing who the actual owner of the building was when questioned. He merely stated that he worked for another Indian who was still in India.

When he got back, he promised to let his boss know about the circumstance. In the interim, the building owner gave the Indian caretaker the pertinent ownership records and asked that all building doors be shut. Existing tenants were permitted to remain up until a subsequent exchange of letters takes place between the building owner and those claiming ownership.

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