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Police raids bar. Arrested the owner and 5 Myanmar nationals in Pattaya

Officers from the Pattaya City Police raided an illegal karaoke establishment yesterday night and detained five citizens of Myanmar who were employed there without the necessary authorizations. The guardian of the bar and the five staff members have been accused by the police of a number of legal infractions, including operating without authorization and selling alcohol without a license.

The “Saikheng Karaoke” on Soi Ko Phai, Pattaya South, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chon Buri was the subject of a law enforcement inspection during the operation, which was overseen by Surachet Eneksri, the deputy chief of the Pattaya City Police Station, and Pichit Chamhuap, an officer from the Pattaya City Police Station. The institution was the target of the police because it sold alcohol without a license and operated after hours without one.

Upon entering, the cops discovered the establishment operating as a conventional karaoke bar, replete with patrons dancing and drinking. In order to check identification cards and look for illegal things, officers quickly called a halt to all activities. They also turned down the music and turned on the lights. Any of the patrons’ on-site urine tests that looked for narcotics yielded negative results.

However, five Myanmar nationals were found among the patrons and admitted that they were serving drinks to the customers for social purposes while working at the restaurant. Five foreign workers and the caretaker were detained by the police.

For operating an unauthorized business, distributing alcohol without a license, and hiring foreign people without authorization, they filed accusations.Now that the legal process has been formed, the accused will go through legal proceedings.

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