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Cambodia and Thailand the highest death rate per head of young Brits

Cambodia and Thailand the highest death rate per head of young Brits

Britons under 40 are more likely to die in Cambodia and Thailand than any other countries in the world, a Sun online investigation has revealed.

But Spain – which has many more Brit visitors every year – had the highest number of deaths, the Sun tabloid reported on March 28.

Cambodia and Thailand top the table when comparing the number of deaths to the number of British visitors per year, according to new figures obtained by Sun Online.

Cambodia’s 11 deaths – taken against the 136,232 Brits who visit the country on average each year – mean a death rate of roughly eight young people per 100,000 Brit visitors.

Similarly, Thailand’s 25 deaths mean a death rate of around six young people per 100,000 when compared to the 411,000 Brits who usually go each year.

In the other hand, Spain drops down the danger table once its much bigger visitor numbers – nearly 13 million – are taken into account.

With less than four young people dead per million Brits arriving in the country annually, the country actually seems to be one of the safer places to holiday.

Other European countries have similar death rates, with Portugal, Turkey and Germany on roughly four out of a million and even fewer per capita dying in France and Italy.

Australia had the second-highest number of deaths, with 27 losing their lives.

France and Thailand came in joint third place with 25 Brits under 40 dying in each country, according to figures obtained by a Freedom of Information request from the FCO.

Thailand is famous for its beautiful beaches and lively nightlife, attracting plane-loads of sun-seekers every year.

But it has also become known for a string of tragedies in recent times, including a spate of mysterious tourist deaths on “death island” Koh Tao.

The country is also the deadliest in the world for motorbike accidents – such as the one that killed pregnant Brit mum Sophie Emma Rose last year – with the FCO warning of “poor vehicle and driver safety standards”.

Also ranking among the top ten countries was neighbouring Cambodia – where five Brit backpackers were this year arrested after cops raided a pool party because of “pornographic” dancing.

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