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Falling bags of cement kills one

Falling bags of cement kills one

A Cambodian worker was killed by bags of cement that fell from a wooden pallet being lifted by a crane truck at a condominium construction site in Nonthaburi on Tuesday.

Police and emergency responders were called to the site in Sai Noi district about 10am.

They reported finding a Cambodian woman lying dead on the ground floor with injuries to her neck and chest. She was identified as Boonharn Cherm, 28. 

A staff member told police Boonharn had been carrying 50kg bags of cement to a wooden pallet that would be lifted by a crane truck to the fourth floor. A Cambodian man, 41, was the crane truck driver.

As the load was being lifted the pallet suddenly tilted and the cement bags fell off, landing on top of  Boonharn, who died on the spot. The crane driver fled.

The victim’s husband, Kia Charoen, said they had been working at the site for about four months. His wife had loaded five bags of cement onto the pallet before it was raised. He was on the fourth floor, waiting to unload the bags. 

When the pallet tilted, all five bags fell onto his wife below, Mr Kia said.

Police were tracking down the crane driver.

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