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Two women found shot dead

Two women found shot dead

Police are currently investigating the deaths of two women, found shot at a property in Hua Hin.

The deceased, identified as a 63-year-old businesswoman and her 46-year-old secretary, were discovered on Sunday by the son of the older woman, after he grew concerned over his inability to contact his mother for several days.

Traveling from Bangkok to Hua Hin, he arrived at his mother’s home to find it securely locked, with the air conditioning still running. Upon entering the house through a back window, he was met with a foul smell, prompting him to alert local authorities.

Upon arrival, police uncovered the bodies of Mrs. Phat (a pseudonym), a prominent figure in the local business community known for her work in casting Buddha statues and crafting religious items, and her secretary, Mrs. Su.

Mrs. Phat was found with a gunshot wound to the chest, while Mrs. Su suffered a fatal headshot. Their bodies were found at three-story row house along the irrigation canal road.

According to Police Colonel Kampnanat Na Wichai of Hua Hin Police, Mrs. Phat had been deceased for approximately seven days, discovered wearing only underwear, while Mrs. Su appeared to have died five days prior, dressed in what seemed to be sleepwear.

A Glock 19 9mm handgun, with bullets still in the chamber, was found at the scene.

Other items found at the scene included two urns containing ashes, a will, and a suicide note believed to be from Mrs. Su.

The will, dated February 29, 2024, outlines her wishes to leave her property to her two daughters, with her foreign husband granted living rights but no ownership. The suicide note suggests the incident was an accidental discharge of the firearm, leading to Mrs. Phat’s death and a panicked response from Mrs. Su.

Police said they are awaiting forensic analysis of the gun to determine its owner and reviewing CCTV footage from around the home.

The bodies of both victims have been sent to the forensic department at Hua Hin Hospital for autopsies to establish the exact causes of death.

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