Anupong vows to seek land use approval and punish officials that responsible.


Anupong vows to seek land to seek land use approval and punish officials that responsible.

Interior Minister Anupong Paochinda assured on Tuesday (Sept 12) he was ready to scrap a ministry’s order allowing a private company to utilize a community forest for the production of drinking water, and non-alcoholic drinks in Khon Kaen province if there is even one village protesting the project.

Gen Anupong’s reaction followed the Association for the Protection of the Constitution on Monday (Sept 11) asking the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to investigate him and five other people for alleged abuse of power in giving approval to the KTD Property Management to utilize the 31-rai community forest in the Huay Mek community forest in Tambon Ban Dong of Ubonrat district.

Gen Anupong ordered the director-general of the Land Department to the site of the dispute today to find if there are any people in the area protesting the land use, and report back to him in 15 days.

The minister said an initial investigation found that local residents had expressed their protest against the company’s land-use application, but surprisingly, the public forum outcomes report said no people in the area protesting it.

He said if there is a single protest to the land utilization, he was ready to scrap the approval and find those responsible for punishment. He said since the community forest is a public land, it couldn’t be used for an individual purpose.

Meanwhile, KTD Property Development issued a statement reaffirming that its application for the land use in the Huay Mek community forest in Tambon Ban Dong of Ubonrat district has followed all legal and legitimate procedures required by both relevant government agencies and the local community.

It assured that the company will strictly abide by the laws in utilizing the public land to store water, with strong determination to keep and conserve the place as a green area. –Thai PBS

  • Tony Akhurst

    KTD followed all leagal and ligitamate procedures (eg a large brown envelope)

  • Ken Anderson

    In these hillbilly communities, there seems to be no respect for land ownership rights. Those with money and power just seem to do what they like.

  • ken

    Imagine charging an official in Thais with abuse of power, its unheard of here in this wasteland.

    • soidog

      Someone will be transferred if they forget their place…..

      • ken

        Transferred to a grave, yes!

      • Danny

        True … Interior Minister Anupong Paochinda, was the powerful Top Civilian (cop) in Thailand. The 2nd paragraph calls him Gen Anupong.

        • Danny

          Nobody Fvcks with Paochinda, even the military. He was transferred to Interior Minister while many other Police chiefs had warrants put out for them, Smart man that PM!

    • Guest

      So maybe it is time for you to do what you have been bragging about those past months: pack your stuff and leave the country. Unless of course, things are exactly the same in your household as they are in Thailand in general: you are just a no-right no-say nobody and the RFD runs the house when you have just the right to do what she tells you to do. That would explain a lot of your comments: to me you read like a nobody loser in the real world which only ersatz of achievement resides in the number of the upvotes he collects from other losers.

  • amazingthailand

    Abuse of power is one of the most important amendements in the bananakingdom constitution

  • The Groover

    On the subject of drinking water, when is the international community going to put pressure on these monkeys to get their mains water fit for drinking? The vast majority of drinking water bottles in Thailand end up in the world’s oceans. We all know that drinking water in Thailand is big business because of the constant bribes being paid by the companies that produce drinking water to keep the tap water not fit for human consumption.

  • private pile

    Anyone else here use tap water to brush their teeth??? I do not had any issues yet…. then again i always thought it was the food that keeps me p-issing out my ass the whole time im here

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