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Eating Out What’s hot and what’s not

With so many restaurants, cafés and bistros opening up in Pattaya these days, it would be impossible for us to get to them all. There is something to suit all of us too, from the cheap and cheerful, right up to the fine dining places for those with a, how should I put this, more refined palate than mine.

So it got me thinking, how do we know where to go. Well after having a short conversation with my better half, (actually it was more like her moaning that I never take her out) we decided to set 1 day a week where we would get out there and try new places.

I will be reviewing each place I visit on a weekly basis, for all to see. Things I will be looking for are service standards, variety of dishes on offer, location, scenery, quality of food, and of course, value for our hard earned money.

Il be looking for suggestions from you guys too, so let me know what you think. Think of me as your guinea pig.

Of course all review will be fair, non-bias opinions of mine and my better half, unless a few free drinks come my way, in which case, anything could happen.

Stay tuned guys and send in those recommendations…..

Danny Boy

*Any businesses that may be interested in taking up my offer, please email me with your information @ [email protected]


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