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Drunk man burned his own house down.

Drunk man burned his own house down.

Drunk Man: Firefighters were notified of a house on fire located in Pra Lub, Khon Kaen province. They then went to the house right away to stop the fire, it took over half an hour just to be able to control the flames against spreading any further. After the fire dimmed down the Khon Kaen police went in to explore the house and discovered that most of the house has been totally burned down.

The house is made from half cement and half wood, making the flames spread extremely fast across the wood. Miss Udom 49 years old, the owner of the house stated that before the fire was started she went to visit a family relative not far from her home as it was her day off from work. After a while, one of her neighbors came running to her and told her that Mister Bunthom 27 years old has gone mad and is burning the house down.

She then ran towards her home, but by the time she reached her home, it was too late. The fire was already started and it had spread out to the whole house. Miss Udom stated that her son has attempted to burn the house down before, where he has also tried to commit suicide. She thinks that it’s the alcohol and drugs that are to blame.

Her son has been captured by the police before and has previously been sent to rehab. After he returned from rehab he would not continue to take his medications. Where Miss Udom estimates that he must have been drunk and high from drugs when he decided to burn the house down.

The police then arrested Mister Bunthom at a tree that was located 300 meters away from the house. He kept repeating the phrase “I burned my house down”, the police proceeded to take him to the police station for further questioning.

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