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Chinese Tourist Robbed by Ladyboy

Ladyboy steels iphone 6 from Chinese tourist

At around 2:30am on February 3rd, Pattaya police were called to the scene of a robbery that had taken place, involving a ladyboy.

At the scene, police found the victim, Mr. Zhou Ce, a 24 year old Chinese tourist, waiting patiently for assistance. The incident took place at the bottom of soi 6/1, at the Beach Road end.

Mr. Zhou Ce told police that he was walking along the footpath alone, when he was suddenly approached by what he thought was a good looking young lady. However, a closer look confirmed that it was, in fact, a lady boy.

Mr. Zhou Ce quickly declined any offers made by the lady boy and started to walk away. About a minute later, he reached for his iphone from his pocket worth around 20,000 Baht, only to find out it was missing. He ran back to where he had been stopped by the lady boy, but he was long gone.

A local vendor assisted the victim by calling for Police, who arrived onto the scene pretty quickly. Mr. Zhou Ce told police that it was dark so he couldn’t really remember exactly what the thief looked like. Police are now looking through CCTV images from the area in an attempt to capture the thief and return the iphone to its rightful owner.

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