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Junta slammed as Pattaya 32 Baht Buses taken off the street

The Thai public have turned on the military as they began a crackdown on the activities of Pattaya’s baht buses this week.

The junta acted on what they called “D-Day” for the Baht buses that carry people around the resort. Thirty two vehicles were impounded for picking up passengers in un-designated areas. These are being kept at the grounds of Wat Pho Samphan temple in Banglamung.

And not only will the drivers have to pay a fine to get them back, they have to wait 3 days for the return of their livelihoods.

Many Thai people online thought this was too much with some suggesting it was just the military now taking over the job of fleecing the public.

Others agreed that something should be done to make traffic flow better but still sided with the drivers saying they felt they were being unfairly treated.

When the story was aired on the Pattaya News page, comments were rife among the Thais yesterday.

Kaew Jerarad said: “It’s getting harder to live in Pattaya. Just let them do their job. All these regulations – it’s crazy. This is a tourist town!”

Rit Jai Tai chipped in: “Sure the driving habits can be poor at times, they often don’t indicate for example. But taking their vehicles for three days is excessive”.

Mai’i Khanitta screamed: “Let people get on with their jobs!”

Junta spokesman Suwit Laklang defended the crackdown saying it was D-Day for the baht buses on Wednesday and they had been warned. They would have to pay a fine and wait three days to get their vehicles back.

And he further warned if they break the regulations again the punishments will be more severe a second time around.

But Facebook poster “Heuy Mai Tong” had some tasty expletives for the military when commenting: “So you are gonna crackdown on the song thaews? How about doing something about the crime in Pattaya you ****s!”

Source: Pattaya News

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