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British Tourist Who Overstayed Her Visa Is Filmed Slapping Immigration Officer


A British tourist who overstayed her visa by 160 days and was hit with a $4,000 fine for doing so has been caught on camera slapping an immigration officer during an angry outburst.

42-year-old Auj-e Taqaddas was en route to Singapore from Bali, Indonesia, when immigration pulled her aside at the Ngursh Rai International Airport.

The Pakistani-born physicist had been there on a month-long visa, but when she received her boarding pass officers noticed that it had expired. She was taken into an office where it was explained that she’d have to pay a $25 fine for each day she had overstayed her visa – a total of $4,000.

Immigration officers said Taqaddas had arrived in the country in January and, under the terms of her visa, should have left by mid-February.

“She pretended not to know that she had overstayed,” said Agung Sampurn, the airport’s public relations officer, according to the Daily Express.

The video captures the woman’s foul-mouthed tirade, which escalates until she steps towards the officer she’s screaming at and slaps him across the face.

“You aren’t paying for this fucking flight,” she screams. “You bastards told me to bring the money, why didn’t you bastards tell me anything else?”

While she was being confronted about overstaying her visa, the 28-year-old immigration officer – who remains calm at all times – can be seen moving Taqaddas’ passport away from her when she tries to snatch it back.

It’s at that point that she slaps him across the face, the footage of which was filmed by another officer and has since gone viral.

“She slapped the officer, who is a respected guard,” said an immigration source on the Indonesian island.

“She touched immigration, which means touching representatives of the nation. So we reported it to the police. As soon as we detected that she had overstayed at the counter, she was already emotional with him.

“Now the woman concerned cannot be dispatched, cannot go home, because the violation must be processed first, in the form of payment of fines. By law, every overstayed tourist must pay a fine and if they are unwilling to they will be arrested.”

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