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Update: Dancer Finds Baby Lizard Stuck In Bra

Dancer Finds Baby Lizard Stuck In Bra

A dancer was shocked after she found this baby lizard stuck in her silicone bra with its tail ripped off from the sticky surface.

Plawwadee Phutkoed, 27, took the strapless C cup garment from her wardrobe to wear for a night out in Bangkok, Thailand.

But she was stunned to see the three inches long ‘jing jock’ lizard trapped on the sticky surface which clings to a woman’s breasts.

The lizard had been struggling to free itself and lost its tail in the process. It was still alive and Plawwadee had to carefully lift it off to set it free – before throwing her favourite bra in the bin.

The young dancer and model said that she had no idea how long it was there or where it came from.

She said: ”I didn’t know how many days it had been inside my bra. It must have been trying so hard to leave my bra but couldn’t. It must be very hungry too.

“It think it lost the tail while wriggling to leave. I felt sorry for him but I also felt sorry for myself that I had to put my favourite bra in the trash.”

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