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Boat propeller slashes woman to death

Boat propeller woman death, foreign

A Thai woman lost her life in a deadly boat accident near Had Tien Beach on Koh Larn Island. The victim’s lifeless body was found floating face down in the sea while still wearing swimsuit, according to local authorities.

The victim’s body had several wounds that could have been caused by a boat propeller, according to an examination. She suffered wounds on her left arm, right foot, right knee, and chest. Flip-flops, a phone, and a notebook, among other personal items, were discovered nearby on a beach table and bench and belonged to the deceased woman and a missing foreign guy. These items have all been gathered as essential evidence in the ongoing inquiry.

According to eyewitnesses, at around 4 p.m., the Thai woman and a foreign male were taking a leisurely afternoon swim in the sea. Tragically, their tranquil beach day became terrifying when a two-engine speedboat that appeared to be picking up tourists as usual halted for a brief moment before taking off. Several minutes later, the dead corpse of the Thai woman was found in the water. This led to a desperate hunt for the missing foreign male, who was thought to still be underwater.

Investigations showed that the woman, (name withheld), had checked out earlier in the day from a resort on Koh Larn Island where she had been visiting with a foreign visitor. They rode resort-provided bicycles to Had Tien Beach, when tragedy occurred.
Authorities are still looking for the boat and its owner in this accident, and their investigation is still underway. As new information becomes available on the inquiry, it will be shared in order to throw light on the circumstances surrounding this awful loss of life.


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