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Group of bikers are raising concerns after performing a few stunts

Bikers stunts pattaya one Feb 19 2024

A video depicting a group of motorcyclists performing stunts on public streets in Pattaya has gained viral attention on social media, sparking concerns regarding safety and the potential imitation of such behavior among younger viewers.

The full 3-minute and 30-second video, shared by a Facebook user named “ลูกเฒ่าแก่ ขี้เมา” and titled “Pattaya Must Rise like Fire,” showcases a group of over 10 motorcyclists executing wheelies and other maneuvers on Pattaya’s Second Road and Sukhumvit Road. The video has attracted significant online engagement, eliciting likes, comments, and shares, while also prompting alarm within the local community.

Some viewers have expressed outrage at the bikers’ blatant disregard for traffic laws and safety regulations, highlighting the potential dangers posed to themselves and others. Furthermore, the video has raised concerns about the potential influence on young individuals who may be enticed to mimic the risky behavior depicted.

Social media users have urged relevant authorities to investigate the incident and take appropriate legal action against the individuals involved.


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