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Bangkok Police break a sex toy ring and confiscate goods worth over a million baht.

On Friday, the Bangkok Police detained three people who were allegedly peddling sex toys and seized goods worth over a million baht. The suspects, who have only been named as Tanayong, 29, Kanree, 27, and Ilda, 32, were apprehended at their home in Foresta Village, which is situated in Bangkok’s Nong Chok area. The authorities have concealed their last names while the case is being litigated.

According to reports from the Bangkok Police, officers raided the suspects’ homes and seized 1,066 different kinds of sex toys worth more than 1 million baht. The three allegedly operated an internet sex toy business, selling the products through a number of agents on hidden web marketplaces.

The agents would be paid a 50% commission for their sales.It is significant to remember that sex toys are still prohibited in Thailand. According to the police, most of the sex toys were brought in illegally from China. According to reports, Ilda was in charge of running their Facebook page, and Kanree was in charge of putting orders for the merchandise.

According to the Bangkok Police, all three people will face criminal charges for “trading in illicit substances or goods, as well as aiding in concealing and distributing illicit substances.” According to Bangkok Police, they will also be charged under the Customs Act and the Consumer Protection Act.Three weeks ago, the Democrat Party vowed to support Thailand’s legalization of sex toys, citing the multiple advantages it would bring about in addition to sexual gratification.

This attitude demonstrates the party’s resolve to create a successful and well-managed sex toy business in the nation.Rachada Dhnadirek, a Democrat Party official and deputy government spokeswoman, reaffirmed their stance by stating that the main objective is to maintain customer safety. In order to accomplish this, should these items become legal, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Thai Industrial requirements Institute would be in charge of the quality and safety requirements of these products.

It looks unlikely that the legalization of sex toys will be pushed through anytime soon because the Democrat Party did poorly in yesterday’s general election.

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