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Move Forward Party leader Pita declares victory in the election in Thailand

Following the announcement of the unofficial Thai general election vote total by the Election Commission (EC), Pita Limjaroenrat, the 42-year-old head of the Move Forward party, declared victory on Monday (May 15).

The Move Forward Party is currently leading the party list, followed by the Pheu Thai Party and the Bhumjaithai Party, according to the most recent information from the EC at 9:57 AM.According to the unofficial election results, the Move Forward Party received 112 out of 400 seats for constituency members of parliament and 14,136,838 million votes for its party list.In the meantime, the Pheu Thai Party received 10,795,470,000,000 votes for their party list and 112 seats in the legislature.Out of a total of 52,238,594 Thais who are eligible to vote, 39,293,867 of them—75.22 percent—voted in the election.After midnight on May 15, Pita posted on Twitter, “I am ready to be the 30th Prime Minister of Thailand.

All of the voters who gave me their support are appreciated. The same reforms must make Thailand better, is an ambition, hope, and conviction shared by both of us. Whether or not you supported me in the election, I will still serve as your prime minister.

TPN media cautions that Mr. Pita’s appointment as PM is not a given, as we’ll explain below.

Although this could take some time and several alliances are anticipated to develop in an effort to pass their candidate, the next stage is for the military-appointed senate and freshly elected house to come together to choose a new Prime Minister.

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