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A Thai mother accuses a nanny of injuring her 5-month-old child’s brain.

A 29-year-old Thai woman from Pattaya believes the nanny she hired to take care of her five-month-old daughter is to blame for the alleged brain damage.

The infant is currently being treated at Chon Buri Hospital for internal bleeding and brain swelling, and her mother, Apinya Chaemsawang, believes the nanny is to blame for the injuries.The nanny was engaged by Apinya, who paid her 6,000 baht each month but refused to reveal her identify for ethical grounds.

The infant had fallen from the bed on April 9, and the nanny had contacted Apinya to let her know. Fearful, the mother hurried to check her child and saw that she had red markings on her head and blood in her eyes. She debated taking the infant to the doctor, but ultimately chose against it since she thought the injury was not significant because of how high the bed was.

The nanny remained to look after Apinya’s daughter despite the incident. But the child’s head started to enlarge by the end of April. The babysitter said that everything was in order when Apinya questioned her. The mother became concerned about the welfare of her child when the nanny abruptly announced her retirement.Apinya noticed the baby’s head was unusually huge when she went to pick up her daughter from the nanny’s house.

The infant initially received a hydrocephalus diagnosis following a visit to a clinic. Following additional testing at a hospital, doctors at the clinic advised, they discovered bleeding in the child’s brain from an impact one month earlier. The infant was brought to Chon Buri Hospital but has not yet fully recovered.

In order to ascertain the actual source of her child’s injuries, Apinya subsequently filed a report with the Nongprue Police Station, seeking an inquiry and the nanny’s interrogation. The infant’s injuries, in the mother’s opinion, are not consistent with those brought on by falling off the bed.The nanny has not yet answered the charges.

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