Demolition Deadline Looms for Naklua Buildings


On the morning of October 11 the acting Pattaya Governor, Mr Chanatpong Sriwises. assembled a Civic Office inspection team and visited areas along the public canal at Klongpukplub, Nakleau.

According to the land surveyors report there should be only one commercial building and specific accommodation/rental rooms in this area.

However, there are many other buildings present, including one which is 320SqM in size and valued at over 10million baht.

Demolition orders have been served and all buildings that have encroached upon public land must be removed within forty-five days of October 11.

Mr. Chanatpong said that some of these buildings were constructed over ten-years ago. He believed that as the canal used to be twenty-meters wide, and is now reduced to seven meters by the illegal buildings, this encroachment is causing much of the flooding problem in the area.

Report by Pattaya One News Team

  • Ken

    I would say all this talk is just a prelim to a few fat brown envelopes being passed around, I dare say these constructions will still be there, and Naklua will still be flooding in another 10 years.

    • Rob

      Of course, just like it’s been flooding, with promises to fix it, for the last 10 years ….. and for years before that.

  • Homebrew

    The authorities are powerless if they add a 30m tall tower with turrets, put large speakers on the top, paint it pink, blare obnoxious wailing noise throughout the neighbourhood every few hours and call it a mosque. Works in my country…

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  • AwanderingSoul

    What’s going on with that obscenity of a condo being built in front of the Pattaya sign. Please tell me they are taking it down.