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What to Look for in a Motorcycle Tires Manufacturer

Motorcycle Tires

If you own a motorbike, you’re going to need to replace your tires at some point. Whether you’re pushing hundreds of kms a day on a Harley or taking short Sunday cruises on a Vesper, all riders must pay attention to this critical component of their bike.

For most newbie riders, what worries them most is knowing when the right time is to replace their tires and which ones are required. You don’t want to wait until the tire is wholly shot before making a change; that could lead to highly dangerous riding situations.

Choosing the right motorcycle tires manufacturer is dependent on understanding how you ride, your intentions and abilities, and being safe. Let’s now look in further detail about when to replace and what to replace with.

When to Replace Your Tires

So, when it is necessary to replace your motorcycle tires? Over-worn tires are a visible sign that your tires have gone beyond their usable limit. But worn-out tires are only one reason to change your tires. Some other reasons you might want to replace your tires are if they have become damaged, the tires are older than five years old, or you want to change their style, brand, model, or size.


You need to regularly check your tire’s tread depth, if they are beyond the safe level, say bye-bye! Worn tread, resulting in less grip, poorer cornering, and more blowouts, is the leading cause of motorcycle accidents.


A damaged tire is an unsafe tire. If there are any significant imperfections in the tire, it may no longer be safe to ride on. Periodically inspect your tires for any bumps, broken chords, uneven wear, missing lugs (on tires that have them) or any other imperfections.


Tires can and do become old and broken even if not ridden much. They all deteriorate over time and they don’t have any set lifespan. How the tires are used, stored, and cared for can have a significant impact on their longevity too.


The tires that your bike has now may not suit your particular needs. Perhaps you’re looking for a tire with more grip or more mileage capabilities, something that can handle wet roads or simply want to switch brands.

Types of Tires

As motorcycle tire technology has increased over the years, those in the motorcycle tires manufacturer business have widened their tire offerings. Nowadays, riders have an infinite variety of tires to choose from. To get the best possible fit, start by understanding your style of riding.

Touring Tires

Heavyweight touring bikes require a tire with a load rating that can handle the weight of the bike, riders, and luggage. These tires are designed for one thing: cruising at highway speeds. Their tread is engineered to provide the best grip in a variety of road conditions.

Sport Tires

Tires for sport bikes need to be constructed in a way that suits high-speed performance, mileage, and grip. Because sport bike tires are typically used in various road surfaces and conditions, they need to be highly versatile.

Off-Road Tires

Tire compounds are the key when selecting the correct tire for off-road riding. Focus on your most widely ridden terrain – soft, intermediate, hard – and choose a tire to match. This will optimise your traction and riding performance.

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