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The Walking Street Magician that won’t play unless you pay!!

Walking Street Magician

The magician of walking street Pattaya Thailand. A beautiful magic trick of cigarettes… Or is it?.

At some point during your stay in Pattaya, you may have wondered down walking street looking at the sites, lights and amazing shows walking street has to offer…

Once back at your hotel/condo or even back in your own country you went raving on about a farang magician who was amazing and very clever etc etc. You got his card from him and Apparently he spoke in Thai too. That he is a street performer and a donation was requested at the end.

See all this is good so far, I mean, if i am watching a show and it is that good, then i will donate money at the end just to show appreciation for the performance and a job well done.

All that seems to be in the past… As now, the said performer will not perform unless people start dropping 100 bht notes in his hat before he starts the show.

One eye witness had told me that the performer will start waving 100 bht notes in his hand, just to let people know that this show is not free. As people start dropping the notes in, the performer will look to see how much has been “donated” and decide if he will start the show or wait for more money.

The witness had told me that 4 to 6 people had dropped 100 bht notes and the magician still did not think that was enough to start his show so eventually he packed up and went on his way.

This story and this account is from 3 witnesses and we can only go on what we have been told – so, is this right, should a street performer ask for money first before he starts the show and is it right that unless enough money had dropped, he will just carry on waiting till such time he feels..”Yep, that’s good money, i will start my show now”.

In case you have seen his show before and a donation was asked at the end, we would just like to give people the heads-up that maybe this time the show may not be free and may cost you.


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