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Very Hot season officially begins in Thailand

Very Hot season officially begins in Thailand

Thailand officially entered its hot season on Wednesday. It will last through to the middle of May with average daytime temperatures expected to be up to 2oC higher than last year, the Meteorological Department announced today.

Average maximum temperatures across the country are forecast to top 35oC but, in the north and northeast, they could reach as high 44. 5oC, it said.

These two regions will, however, continue to experience cool weather during the early morning hours, until middle of March, after which it will get markedly warmer.

From mid-March through to May, freak storms are forecast for several areas amidst the hot weather and, from the middle to the end of May, rainfall can be expected in many areas.

For the south, temperatures are forecast to increase to reach as high as 41oC from the end of February through April, with isolated heavy rain, said the department, adding that there is a possibility of a cyclone.

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