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Epstein’s ‘paedo island’ on sale for cut-price $125million

JEFFREY Epstein’s “paedo island” where Prince Andrew allegedly groped Virginia Giuffre has gone on the market for $125million alongside one of his other mysterious islands.

The two sprawling sites in the US Virgin Islands are to be flogged to pay off outstanding lawsuits filed by the disgraced financier’s victims as well as the costs of running the properties, it’s understood.

Billionaire Epstein – who killed himself in 2019 while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges – bought the island of Little St James more than two decades ago for $7.95million (£6million).

He transformed it into a high-security private oasis, complete with a mansion and a bizarre blue and white gold-domed structure resembling a religious temple.

Prosecutors say the private retreat was at the centre of Epstein’s perverted sex trafficking ring, with locals referring to the 72-acre island – which features a master bedroom with a 10-person shower – as “pedophile” and “orgy” island.

Jeffrey Epstein's 'paedo island' has gone on the market
Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘paedo island’ has gone on the marketCredit: Alamy

In 2016, he added to his property empire by purchasing the 165-acre Great St James for a reported $18million (£14million) – but it was left largely untouched.

But both islands, which Prince Andrew is reported to have visited, have now gone on sale for $125million (£95million), Wall Street Journal reports, having previously been valued at $650million (£490million).

In January 2020, Virgin Islands prosecutors filed a lawsuit against Epstein’s estate, alleging he and his aides, including Ghislaine Maxwell – had taken girls as young as 11 to the remote islands via yachts and private helicopters.

The disgraced financier bought the island in 1998
The disgraced financier bought the island in 1998Credit: Alamy

Shamed socialite Maxwell was last year found guilty of sex trafficking and grooming girls for paedophile Epstein to abuse after being accused of “serving up” girls for the multi-millionaire, her former lover, with the pair described as “partners in crime”.

According to Daniel Weiner, a lawyer for the Epstein estate, money from the sale will the used to pay off outstanding lawsuits and the costs of running the properties, reports WSJ.

The luxury islands – which together feature six beaches and almost six miles of coastline – have been listed by Bespoke Real Estate.

A description on the site reads: “Two exceptional private U.S. Virgin Islands await your vision in a picturesque setting with abundant possibilities.

“Located in the heart of the U.S. Virgin Islands yet entirely exclusive, Little Saint James and Great Saint James offer an array of subdivision possibilities spread over 230 combined acres+/- of serene Caribbean landscape ideally positioned for boating, island hopping, and outdoor activities.

“With significant subdivision possibilities and an array of existing structures, the choice is yours to move in, renovate, or rebuild in unparalleled proximity to some of the Virgin Islands’ most exciting destinations.”

Up until at least 2020, Little Saint James was reportedly still patrolled by armed guards.

Urban explorer Andy Bracco visited the shadowy site told The Sun Online that locals warned him about teams of what are believed to be private security on the island who are armed while patrolling the roads on quad bikes and in buggies. 

Meanwhile, photos previously revealed Epstein’s life on his private Caribbean island with scantily dressed young women he allegedly demanded sex from several times a day.

Pictures show Epstein driving a jet ski with a woman wearing a bikini hugging him to hold on, while another shows him donning a white robe and appearing to do work while a blonde woman sits next to him.

Epstein killed himself while in jail just two days before the FBI raided Little Saint James, his main residence which Prince Andrew reportedly visited.

Epstein killed himself in 2019 while awaiting trial over sex trafficking charges
Epstein killed himself in 2019 while awaiting trial over sex trafficking chargesCredit: Getty

Virginia Roberts Giuffre previously alleged in US court documents that the royal – who this year paid her £7million to settle a rape lawsuit – took part in an orgy with nine girls on the private island.

And Epstein’s former handyman Steve Scully claimed he saw Andrew sexually assaulting Ms Giuffre on “Paedo Island”.

He insisted to 7News he saw the Prince on Epstein’s private island and even spoke to him while he was with Ms Giuffre.

In an audio recording, Scully claimed: “He [Prince Andrew] removed her bathing suit top and then started grinding against her and grabbing her a**.

“They were kissing as well. Virginia was standing there, she kinda looked like she was like a deer caught in the headlights of the car.”

The royal has always strenuously denied any wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, staff claimed Andrew joked he had urinated on a woman’s foot with his “royal member” to cure a sea urchin sting on the private island.

The Duke of York is claimed to have stayed on the now-infamous Little Saint James with a “tall, bleached blonde” woman.

While managing the island, Cathy and Miles Alexander claimed Prince was the first guest who visited – arriving via helicopter with the woman, said to be a brain surgeon, after they took up their post in April 1999.

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