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Unauthorised infant burial near Pattaya

unauthorised infant burial near Pattaya

Following an alleged effort to bury a newborn, a Thai couple was detained close to the Huai Chak Nok Reservoir in the neighboring province of Chon Buri, which includes Pattaya.

The Huay Yai Police and their Pattaya counterparts worked together to execute their arrest warrant.

The police quickly discovered and captured the man after receiving a tip from concerned citizens who had seen a man pretending to be burying an unknown thing behind a tree not far from the Huai Chak Nok Reservoir.

He goes by the name Off and is a 32-year-old Thai male.

Off, when questioned, said that on August 12, after slipping and falling, his partner, a woman he had been seeing for around three to four months, sadly miscarried their child.

His girlfriend told him she wanted the stillborn kid to be laid to rest after this loss.

As a result, Off made the unquestionably emotional decision to conduct the infant burial that same day in the early morning darkness.

Police checked the location where Off said the child was buried beneath the tree.

There were indications of recent burials. Police officers and rescuers discovered a little, cloth-wrapped fetus with its umbilical cord still attached during excavation.

According to preliminary findings, the fetus was probably three to four months old.

Officers then led the couple to the police station, where a more thorough inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the newborn’s burial took place.

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