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It Took Just Eight Minutes For Cristiano Ronaldo To Score His First Juventus Goal

Cristiano Ronaldo

In Juventus’ traditional pre-season friendly against their B team, five-time Balon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo has bagged his first goal in the famous black and white. Shock, horror.

Oh, and it took him just eight minutes to get his name on the scoresheet.

Ronaldo, who joined the Italian champions last month in a deal worth a reported £99.2 million, has impressed everyone at the club in training and this afternoon, he made the perfect start to life in Turin.

When you give him this much space in behind, he will inevitably make you pay.

Juventus winger Douglas Costa confirmed this week that Cristiano Ronaldo is ‘impossible to follow’ in training, but even the great man can make a mistake every now and then.

The former Real Madrid forward has impressed everyone at the club and his new teammate summed his arrival up perfectly.

“It is impossible to follow Cristiano Ronaldo in training.” Costa said. “When we arrive, he is already training, when we leave he is still training, I have never seen a player like that,”

It was announced in July that the five-time Balon d’Or winner will earn €30 million a year in Turin and in the meanwhile, has penned a four-year deal worth a whopping €120 million.

That’s right. The 33-year-old will pocket £26,545,154 a year at Juventus, which equates to £2,212,096 per month.

If you break that down into weekly, daily and hourly rates, it just proves that despite his age he is still worth a huge amount. He will pick up £106,180,616 over four years, £26,545,154 in a year, £2,212,096 in a month and £510,483 a week.

If that doesn’t put things into perspective, maybe this will: Cristiano Ronaldo will earn £72,925 a day, £3,038 an hour, £50.64 a minute and 84p a second during his time in Serie A.

Yeah, I know.

Ronaldo told the BBC that he was ‘grateful for the opportunity’ to transfer to Juventus at this stage in his career, as players of his age usually ‘go to Qatar or China’, apparently. But I imagine that hefty pay packet of his will have been a bit of a factor, too.

Not doing too bad for himself, really, is he?

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