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Three injured in Pattaya due to collision between motorbike and minivan

Three injured in Pattaya due to collision between motorbike and minivan

A collision involving a motorbike and a minivan in Pattaya resulted in injuries to three individuals, including two young women and a blind person. The incident occurred early yesterday morning on April 22 around 2.36am near Pattaya School 7 on the inbound lane towards Sattahip.

The Honda Scoopy I model motorbike was being ridden by 18-year-old Chalin Konrad, who sustained minor abrasions from the accident. Her passengers, 48-year-old blind woman Chanyanuch Thanusorn and a 17-year-old girl, faced more severe injuries. Thanusorn suffered a significant head injury, while the 17-year-old girl had abrasions similar to Konrad’s. The two younger females were identified as friends.

Emergency responders quickly arrived at the scene, providing immediate first aid before transporting the injured individuals to a nearby medical facility.

The minivan driver, 50-year-old Woraphong Lueangektrakul, emerged from the incident without injuries, despite damage to the left side of his vehicle.

Police Investigation:

Lueangektrakul cooperated fully with Pattaya police during their initial inquiries at the scene.

Konrad informed the authorities that she and her friend were on their way to Jomtien when they noticed Thanusorn by the roadside. Wanting to help, they offered her a lift to Jomtien. While they were crossing an intersection with a green light, their motorbike was struck by the van, which was allegedly speeding.

However, Lueangektrakul presented a different version of events, stating he was driving at a normal speed on Sukhumvit Road when the motorbike abruptly crossed the intersection into his path. Despite attempting to avoid the collision by swerving, he couldn’t prevent the accident completely. He expressed gratitude that the injuries weren’t life-threatening.

Both Konrad and Lueangektrakul shared their perspectives on the incident, highlighting the unexpected nature of the accident.

Pattaya police have initiated a thorough investigation into the collision. They are currently reviewing CCTV footage from the area to reconstruct the sequence of events accurately and ascertain the primary cause of the collision.

This serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of road safety and the unforeseen risks that may arise even in acts of kindness.

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