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Tommy Robinson’s arrest shocks the world: “It is Tommy today, but it’s you tomorrow”

The arrest of Tommy Robinson is a blow for freedom of speech and freedom of the press in Europe and the world. Robinson was arrested in Leeds (UK) while filming outside a courthouse where men with a migrant background where sentenced for grooming children.
Canadian broadcaster Ezra Levant of The Rebel, gives a complete explanation about the case on YouTube. Levant is shocked (and surprised) by what happened and warns the media: “It is Tommy today, but it’s you tomorrow”
But all over the world journalists and politicians are shocked about what happened in the UK on Friday:

Like Ezra Levant, Australian politician Pauline Hanson gives a warning as well:
“Tommy Robinson has been arrested in the UK for ‘breaching the peace’ while reporting on Islamic grooming gangs. This is what happens when a society doesn’t foster a culture of open debate & honesty. This is a stark warning for Australia not to continue down the same path.

American news outlet The Gateway Pundit, calls the UK a police state and its author adds:

“The UK government is so eager to silence him that they have even placed a restriction on reporters covering the case or his imprisonment.”

Dutch politician Geert Wilders replies on Twitter and says:
“Arrested for ‘breaching the peace’ while reporting on a Islamic grooming gang trial? Is this Saudi-Arabia? Has the United Kingdom become a police state? Jail = a death sentence for Tommy Robinson. Come to your senses United Kingdom!”

Australian Imam Tawhidi (Imam of peace) says on Twitter:
“We all have different opinions on Tommy Robinson. But what hurts my eyes the most is seeing the left celebrating his arrest, rather than condemning the MSM for purposely ignoring a case involving a rape gang that has sexually assaulted nearly 100 women, some as young as 11.”

Hundreds of other examples from all over the world can be found on Twitter by searching for hashtags like: “Free Tommy Robinson”, “Tommy Robinson jailed” or just “Tommy Robinson”.

In an interview last year, Tommy said:

“The alliance of big business and governments to restrict freedom of speech to control populations is the very essence of fascism.”

He is right. P1 -EP

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