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They think it’s not legal…it is now!

They think it’s not legal…it is now!

The new Leo beer dispensing machines that have appeared in 7-eleven stores have been cleared officially legal by the authorities, after a white cloth was placed over the machine hiding the Leo branding.

After Thai netizens got just a little too excited about a new Leo beer-pouring machine at a 7-Eleven store in Bangkok’s Chinatown this week, Thai officials had to intervene.

A video of fresh draft beer being poured from the automatic machine went viral on the Facebook page “Thai Smile” earlier this week. See how the machine tilted the plastic cup for the perfect pour? And at just THB49 (about US$1.50) for a cup of the draft brew, it’s a tasty bargain.

While most commenters obviously dig the awesome machine, the Office of Alcohol Committee traveled to the convenience store yesterday after receiving “complaints” from people that questioned whether or not it was legal, Manager reported.

When they arrived, it was found that 7-Eleven had the beer machine covered with a big white cloth that hid beer logo, meaning they are not in breach on Thailand’s Alcohol Control Act, which prohibits “advertising or displaying names or trademarks of alcoholic beverage deemed to induce people to drink it.”

So thanks to that big white cloth, we can still have the Leo machine at 7-Eleven.

For those still wondering if the machine might be violating the Alcohol Control Act, which bans selling beer through a “vending machine,” the answer is no — thanks to a loophole.

According to Atsadang Ruaiarjin, a public health spokesman, the machine is in the clear because a) it is operated by a store employee, and b) customers still have to pay at the cashier (where employees can check IDs).

Source: Coconuts

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