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The worst towns and cities to live in UK (poll results)

Lurton worst town in UK

Two North East communities are listed among the “top 50 worst places to live in the UK” for 2023. The list was created by the satirical website, which took into account the views of almost 105,000 users.

Voting took place between December 2022 and January 2023, with the results being announced on Monday, February 6.

Middlesbrough just outperformed Sunderland to come in at number 25, but Sunderland made the list and came in at number 27.

You may view the complete list here to see how other communities in the country compared.

Bradford is ranked as the worst UK town to live in, followed by Bournemouth at number nine, Swindon at number eight, Andover at number seven, Aylesbury at number six, Slough at number four, and Peterborough at number two.

According to ILiveHere, Luton is the town in the UK with the worst quality of life.

What did ILiveHere have to say about Sunderland and Middlesbrough?

The website typically includes a brief explanation of the town’s placement.

According to the website, while passing through Pennywell, they saw a “lady on the street in a dressing gown yelling obscenities at a man soaked in blood with a shredded long-sleeved shirt while she hits him with a broom.”

“I have witnessed grown guys riding motorcycles at high speeds without helmets, as well as young children perched on the gas tank. I’ve seen children with runny noses who were barefoot. sipping lager and cider while seated on the sidewalk.

“You venture out at night you will see the genuine underbelly of the beast,” the website for Middlesbrough claimed.

Middlesbrough is the last place you should go, it continues. Those who assert that it doesn’t merit its reputation certainly need to venture outside a little bit more.

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