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 The realm of combat sports,

the realm of combat sports,

Bangkok, Thailand – In the realm of combat sports, few names resonate as loudly in Asia as Buakaw Banchamek, commonly known as Buakaw. This Muay Thai legend’s recent transition to bare-knuckle boxing under BKFC Asia has added a new dimension to his legacy, and the mastermind behind this integration is none other than Nick Chapman.

Taking charge of BKFC Asia, Chapman envisioned a blend of traditional fighting spirit with the raw essence of bare-knuckle boxing. Bringing Buakaw into the fold wasn’t just a strategic move, but a symbolic one, embodying the fusion of tradition and modern combat.

“Asia has a deep-rooted martial arts culture, and bringing someone of Buakaw’s stature into BKFC Asia signifies respect for that tradition while ushering in a new era,” Chapman commented in a recent interview.

Under Chapman’s leadership, BKFC Asia has seen exponential growth, both in terms of audience numbers and fighter recruitment. But Buakaw’s recent victory was a statement to the world. In a region where traditional martial arts predominate, his unmatched skill in the squared circle brought recognition and legitimacy to BKFC.

Buakaw’s triumphant win in his latest bout has not only solidified his position as BKFC Asia’s premier fighter but has also put the organization on the global map. Chapman’s foresight in aligning with such a legendary figure is a testament to his brilliance as a promoter and leader in the combat sports industry.

As BKFC Asia gears up for more events, the world waits in anticipation. With the combined might of Nick Chapman’s leadership and star fighters like Buakaw leading the charge, the future of BKFC in Asia looks not just bright, but absolutely electric.


Get ready for the biggest combat sports event in Thailand’s history! Buakaw and Saenchai are set to face off in an epic bare-knuckle Thai fight on November 4th, 2023, in Pattaya, Thailand. The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here – ticket sales are officially open!


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