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The Immigration Bureau and 90 days extension

Immigration Bureau

The Immigration Bureau and 90 days extension changes

This was from a Facebook page from Richard Barrow in Thailand

I just got off the phone with an Immigration official. I’ve had three different ones contact me this week.

So, it looks like the photos that I tweeted of long queues have caught the attention of the right people. They wanted me to share with you some details about the automatic extensions coming soon.

The following are my tweets:

The Immigration Bureau has already approved the proposal to offer automatic extension of stay to foreigners in #Thailand. They are waiting to implement it but they cannot do anything until it has been signed by the PM. They understand your anger & ask you to be patient.

Everything I am going to tell you is unofficial. The document hasn’t been signed & some details could change. But it’s highly likely that it will go through as written. This “visa amnesty” is for everyone with visas such as Tourist Visa, Non-O, Non-B, VOA and the visa exemption.

For those foreigners who have stayed in Thailand for more than 90 days and are supposed to make their 90-day report, the Immigration Bureau will automatically extend the period of notification to [probably] 30th April. If the situation is not resolved, this will be extended again.

For those foreigners who have permanent residency and have travelled outside of Thailand, they will not lose their residency if they don’t come back within the previously agreed one year period.

Summary of the “visa amnesty” that Thai Immigration will offer foreigners. It’s just waiting for the PM’s signature:
✅ Everyone who is in Thailand legally will have an automatic 30 day extension
✅ 90-day reporting will be put off
✅ Permanent Residency people can come back late

Just to emphasize, this is ready to be implemented straight away, but the Immigration Bureau cannot start until it has been signed by the PM. From what I understand, it’s already in the prime minister’s office. They are optimistic he will sign it very soon.

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