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Thailand’s WARNING for law breaking foreigners

Thailand’s WARNING for law breaking foreigners

The Thai immigration chief was taking no nonsense from law breaking foreigners damaging the image of Thailand and adversely affecting tourism. 

The media – a mouthpiece for the activities of immigration in recent months – were present at immigration HQ in Suan Phlu,Bangkok as Lt-Gen Sompong Chingduang announced his get tough message.

Though they didn’t say, this appeared to be a PR event.

They quoted Sompong as saying that today was just the start – his policy of ridding Thailand of thieves, pickpockets, those who have entered illegally, over stayers, various other criminals and those on international warrants would continue on and on.

To show that he means what he says 15 people who had overstayed their welcome in Thailand were paraded for the cameras – they comprised 8 Somalis, three Syrians and 4 Chinese.

No details were given by Naew Na about when and where they were picked up.

Naew Na’s story said all this was under the direct orders of PM Prayut Chan-ocha, DPM Suwit Wongsuwan, RTP chief Chakthip Chaijinda and his deputy.

Big Oud said he would be going after both Thais and foreigners breaking the law.

The chief’s words that this was just the start seemed a little at odds with previous reports that 45,000 people had already been caught on overstay and hundreds of illegals on warrants arrested.

The public were urged to go to Room 507 at Suan Phlu to report wrongdoing or call 1178.

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