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Thailand’s proposed legalization of sex toys causes conflict

After the next election, a Democrat party executive suggested that Thailand decriminalize sex toys, which has sparked outrage across the political spectrum. Other parties have hurriedly distanced themselves from the unimportant and dull subject here in Pattaya. Senior Pheu Thai party member: “We should be focusing on the economic and political future of Thailand.”

Since a 1928 obscenity statute, the sale of sex toys has been prohibited in Thailand, albeit the punishments are lopsided: the criminal code lists a modest US$1,800 fine or a harsh three-year prison sentence. Internet reports over the past few years indicate that Pattaya has gotten the majority of the attention. In 2006, an accident happened when a British tourist brought a huge female balloon doll back to his hotel room and attempted to blow it up manually.

Then came the devastating heart attack. Few people have been prosecuted. Thousands of liberators, rings, strap-ons, arousal medicines, and bondage equipment were seized during a Pattaya night market operation in 2018. Some of the equipment’s names, such “erotic glider,” “the poached egg,” and “the starfish,” need for specialized interpretation. One of the salesmen who was detained claimed his only goals were to enhance the sexual experiences of older men, lessen rapes, and preserve marriages.

Although the executive of the Democrat party did cite the purported benefits of legalizing, the main motivation is undoubtedly financial. Manufacturing facilities for selling sex toys abroad may be established in Thailand if they were legal. In whatever currency, there is undoubtedly a multi-billion dollar market out there just waiting to be explored.

Many would contend that the liberalization of marijuana was done so in part to promote Thai exports as more and more nations legalize marijuana or use it medicinally.It seems unlikely that Thailand’s sex toy laws will be changed anytime soon. Conservative legislators find the idea of every 24-hour convenience shop having a section for sex toys or even a selection of pornographic material for entertainment to be an absurd thought experiment.

Even though the current scenario is unclear, it is effective. Despite the lack of formal displays, sex toys can nevertheless be found on shopping carts that arrive after midnight or on poorly lit side streets. Nobody wants to purchase a dildo in the morning, after all.

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