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Thailand’s Infamous Hanging Wires Cause Concern

After Microsoft’s Bill Gates named and shamed the Thai government into action in 2016 the problem still persists.
Yesterday Thai Rath were called to Sri Racha where a local resident complained that the electrical authorities have refused to do anything despite five months of complaints.
Wirot Srisurayothin, 74, said that ten days ago a telephone engineer had come to take a brief look – then gone away again after “a brief feel of the wires”.
The wires are dangling precariously outside Wirot’s premises on Sukhumvit Road leading into Chonburi in Bang Phra sub-district.
Bill Gates famously shamed the Thai government in 2016 when his hanging wire holiday snaps went viral online.
Work has been done to bury some wires especially in places like Bangkok and Pattaya – but many remain an eyesore that residents and tourists feel are accidents waiting to happen.
Just the other week a female motorcyclist died when she was nearly beheaded when caught up in one. TR – EP

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