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Thailand’s 2022 Festive road carnage figures released

Thailand Resolves to Reduce Road Accidents

The final of the “7 perilous days” for accidents on Thai roads saw 25 more fatalities and 253 injuries, bringing the total to 317, according to Chotnarin Kerdsom, deputy permanent secretary of the Interior Ministry.

The Road Safety Center of the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department has been collaborating with various organizations to compile information on traffic accidents over the seven days that concluded on January 4.

The following information was released by the center on January 4:

principal accident causes

Speeding: 34.8 percent

• Being disconnected: 24.48%

most frequently involved vehicle type in collisions

• Motorcycle – 81.24 percent

road type where accidents occur most frequently

• Straight road segments: 85.06%

most accident locations

Roadways: 48.96%

• Village roads: 24.48 percent

when most incidents occur

• 4pm-5pm – 8.71%

Most casualties’ average ages

• 40-49 – 16.19%

On Wednesday, 55,749 authorities were stationed at 1,880 road checkpoints around the nation, according to Chotnarin, and 327,401 vehicles were stopped. Their investigations led to 49,072 people being sued.

On Wednesday, there were thirteen traffic accidents, with Songkhla province having the most. With 15, Kanchanaburi had the most injuries. The most fatalities occurred in Chiang Rai, Roi-Et, Songkhla, Surat Thani, and Udon Thani, each with two.

Between December 29 and January 4, there are seven risky days.

According to Chotnarin, there were 2,440 traffic incidents in Thailand last week, resulting in 2,437 injuries and 317 fatalities.

The greatest weekly traffic accident total was 79 in Surat Thani, and the highest injury total was 81 in Kanchanaburi.

The greatest number of fatalities occurred in Chiang Rai. Over the course of seven days, fifteen individuals died in traffic accidents in the northern region.

According to Chotnarin, no fatalities from traffic accidents were reported in the following five of Thailand’s 77 provinces: Narathiwat, Bueng Kan, Phang Nga, Satun, and Sukhothai.

In comparison to the previous three years, he claimed that traffic accidents, injuries, and fatalities decreased in Thailand.

According to Chotnarin, the leading causes of injuries and fatalities include drunk driving, excessive speeding, and failure to wear a helmet or seat belt.

According to him, 70% of motorcycle accident victims weren’t wearing helmets.

Provincial officials were given the go-ahead by the Road Safety Centre to analyze traffic accident data in order to create fresh plans for lowering the number of collisions, including greater adherence to the law and stepped-up efforts to increase public knowledge of road safety.

Even though the New Year’s holiday is over, all pertinent agencies will keep spreading the word about driving safety, according to Chotnarin.

According to Veerakit Hanparipan, director-general of the probation department, 1,646 people were placed on court-ordered probation on Wednesday as a result of breaking traffic laws and regulations.

They included 1,575 individuals accused with drunk driving, 65 individuals charged with drugged driving, and six individuals charged with careless driving. Charges related to drunk driving made up 95.69% of the total.

Throughout 2,400 people were hurt and 317 died on Thai roads over the holiday season.

According to Veerakit, the Probation department reported 8,923 incidents during the seven risky days, of which 96.1% (8,567) involved drunk driving, 3.75% (335) involved drugged driving, and 0.24% (21 cases) involved reckless driving.

The three provinces with the most intoxicated driving incidents were Roi-Et (469), Samut Prakan (388), and Nonthaburi (358).

This year, more drivers were placed on probation for drunk driving during the seven risky days, according to Veerakit. Drivers were put on probation for drunk driving throughout the week 7,868 times last year and 8,567 times this year.

Alcohol therapy and community service are part of the probation for drunk drivers, according to Veerakit.

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